Volunteer Ministries

Expressing Gifts and Talents in Service of the Lord

Your Share is Important, Sufficient and Necessary!

Membership Care Ministries
Membership Care ministries are designed to meet the specific needs of the members of this local church and generally the first contact for new members.

  • Bereavement Ministry
  • Membership Care Ministry
  • New Converts Ministry
  • New Members Ministry
Perfecting Ministries
These ministries function to instruct and perfect our members. Through perfecting the saints, we hope to add to the level of productivity of our members so that they can raise the level of productivity in others and leave a deposit in the earth for the next generation. Through these ministries, our members will be able to increase in knowledge. These ministries are coordinated to ensure that all perfecting is in line with the overall vision of our local church.

  • Christian Education Ministry
  • Creative Dance Ministry
  • Crochet Ministry
  • Fine Arts Ministry
  • First Things First Ministry (Young Adults)
  • Lifegivers Sports and Fitness Ministry
  • None Like Us Ministry
  • Seniors Ministry (Golden Hearts)
  • Y.A.P.P. (Youth Against Peer Pressure)
Music Ministries

The Music Ministries are designed to edify and encourage the membership of FTHCM, in specific, and the Body of Christ in general through music. These ministries are essential in helping to set and maintain an atmosphere of worship during worship services.

  • FTH Adult Choir
  • FTH Children’s Choir
  • FTH Mass Choir
  • FTH Men’s Choir
  • FTH Men’s Praise Ministry
  • FTH Youth and Young Adult Choir
Service Ministries

Service Ministries are designed to serve the membership of FTHCM, in specific, and the Body of Christ in general. These ministries are fundamental in implementing the vision of FTHCM.

  • Altar Ministry
  • Archives Ministry
  • Community Outreach Ministry
  • Culinary Ministry
  • Expressions of Joy Ministry
  • FTH Bookstore Ministry
  • Helps Ministry
  • Intercessory Prayer Ministry
  • Ministerial Care Ministry
  • Multimedia Ministry
  • Office Support Ministry
  • Parking and Grounds Ministry
  • Physical Stewardship Ministry
  • Political Affairs Ministry
  • Special Services Ministry
  • Transportation Ministry
  • Usher Ministry